Club Sonett Sweden was founded 1981 in order to look after the interests of the Sonett owners.

Of totally more than 10.000 manufactured Saab Sonett, where of 1868 of model Sonett II and V4 from 1966-1969 and 8368 of model III from 1970-1974 there today remains a little bit more than 300 Sonetts in Sweden. Of these, we have about 250 cars in the club, which is a sign of a strong interest for this Swedish but still unusual car.

We have about 390 members in the club where of about 80 are living outside Sweden. Nowadays the cars are mainly used in the summer time and mostly by enthusiasts. One aim for our club is to secure the stockholding of spare parts and thus the club is selling many specific spare parts for the Sonett. We even initiate reproduction of specific parts. Another important issue is also to see to that our members, and in this case of natural reasons in Sweden, have good and favourable insurance alternatives for their Sonetts. Four times yearly, we issue a Swedish club paper, Sonettvärlden which we use as the main source for information.

We write about different matters like our meetings in Sweden but are also informing about the International Saab Meetings. Further on, we write about spare parts and insurance questions and the history of the different Sonett models.

Our members can advertise the sale and purchase of spare parts or complete cars.

Of course you also have an excellent opportunity to contribute with articles about your Sonett or for example to give mechanical advice. If we receive the articles in English, we do normally publish them without translation whereas if we receive the articles in other languages we normally prefer to translate to Swedish.

If you are interested in Saab Sonett you are welcome to become a member. There is no requirement to own a Sonett. You will find more information on the page Join CSS.