You can now order your spare parts via Club Sonett Sweden’s online store. The store works in much the same way as other online stores on the Internet. That is, you select goods from a list of descriptions of goods and put them in a digital shopping cart. In the shopping cart, you can also change the number of items or delete items if you change your mind.

When you have finished with the goods in the shopping cart, you proceed with the order and can fill in your contact / delivery information, information about car model and chassis number, and your membership.

In the next step, you can check that the information is correct and if you are satisfied, you can send in the order. When you have sent in the order, you will receive an email confirming the order. To start processing the order, you need to click on the ”Confirm your e-mail address” button, which is located at the beginning of the confirmation email.

Our spare parts manager will then pick up the goods. Based on size and weight, the shipping cost can be determined. An invoice will then either be sent to you via e-mail or it will be sent in the package. All goods are delivered from stock, subject to prior sales.

Regarding drawing orders, please contact our spare parts manager.

In the video below you can see how it works: