Policy Document

Our Policy Data Management Policy for handling of information, governed by the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Here’s how Club Sonett Sweden handles your personal information to the association.


We save personal data to meet the requirement of a correct and ever-current membership. The Data Inspectorate writes on its website about GDPR, that membership in a society constitutes an agreement and that the registry can be brought under that agreement.

Treatments performed:

Address details for mailing to members with callings and the member paper the Sonett World. Check that membership fees are paid – and paid in due time.

Temporary records for gatherings:

From time to time, we create records for managing notifications and participation in meetings. The data stored is the same as for the member register or fewer. Within one year of the meeting, these personal data are usually deleted. In some cases, there are historical reasons to preserve parts of your personal information as long as the club exists. It applies to participant lists and performance lists in rally events. If applicable, it will be stated at the time of notification that the data may be saved for historical reasons.

Categories of data we save:

Name, address, phone number, e-mail address, Sonett model, chassis number, registration number, year model and colour.

Consent – new members:

New members sign a text confirming that the association collects personal data for member management as described in our policy document (this document) on our website. If you do not leave consent, the application for membership will be rejected.

Consent – former members:

For practical reasons, the association considers that former members knew our handling of personal data and because no protest was submitted on the contrary, consented to the handling.

He/she who does not agree:

For practical reasons, we then cannot manage membership in the association, so unfortunately membership has to end.

Retention period:

As long as membership exists within the association.

1 year after the membership has expired, the data will be deleted automatically or directly if requested by the member at the time of leaving.


The registry is handled by the association treasurer in the form of an Excel sheet. Information from the member register is not disclosed to a third party except for the mailing list generated to be sent to the print shop for the Sonett World.

The printing office shall delete this list after the mailing.

Board members in CSS may also have a copy of the membership register to administer various activities within the club’s direction.

Generally applicable:

For all our types of records, an individual member or participant in a gathering is entitled to request information about what is stored about the person. Furthermore, there is the right to have incorrect information corrected and to have their data completely erased. The person requesting deletion must be informed that membership is no longer possible or that participation in a gathering is also not possible.

Requests for extraction, rectification or deletion must be made in writing to the club’s person, responsible for membership questions.

For historical reasons, printed items, such as membership lists and attendance lists, will not be corrected or discarded.