If You have an interest for Saab and especially for the Sonett you are welcome to join Club Sonett Sweden.
There is no demand that you must own a Sonett.

The member fee is SEK 350 per year (for 2014 until more information comes)

As a member you also get the club paper Sonettvärlden (the Sonett World) four times yearly.
The paper is mainly written in Swedish, but some articles are published in English. We kindly ask you to send the amount, please no checks, to our treasurer. You will find contact information in Board members.

Johnny Johansson
Hallernavägen 2
SE-468 33 Vargön

Transfer the money to our bank.

The bank for Club Sonett Sweden is Nordea
IBAN: SE32 9500 0099 6026 0358 7300
The account number is 9960 2603587300

Pay the bank expenses
You can also use the postal giro service.
The postal giro account number is 358730-0
If you use postal giro, please add SEK 60 for postal giro expenses (Not if you pay from Sweden).

If you can’t transfer money to our bank or use the postal giro service, you can send SEK 350 or equivalent value in other currency in cash. Bills, not coins.

If you have other questions, please contact our secretary. You will find contact information in Contact.

For new members:
Please also inform us, except for your name and address, if you have a Sonett.
Especially we kindly ask you to write:
Registration No
Chassis No
Color and year
Join Club Sonett Sweden