New Spare Parts Webshop

On March 22, 2022, Sonett Club Sweden introduced a new online store for ordering spare parts for Saab Sonett. We have collected all items in a spare parts list which also includes pictures for most items. In the list, you can directly add items you want to order in a shopping cart, and then move on. When you are satisfied with the items you want to order, you fill in your contact information, as well as information about the Sonnet they are to be used for.

Orders can be placed by anyone who is a member of Club Sonett Sweden, but also members of the Swedish Saab Club can order spare parts (though limited to the purchase of newly manufactured parts).

When you have finished with this information, you go ahead and send in the order. Our spare parts manager will then take care of it. When the order is packaged, an invoice (for larger amounts), with information about shipping and payment, will be sent to the specified e-mail address for advance payment. For smaller orders, the goods are sent and the invoice is attached to the package.

You find the webbshop under the ”Tech notes” menu. If you click on ”Demo” under the club’s logo in the web shop, you can see a small video that goes through how the online store works.